Soften the lines of a corporate venue, change a village hall into an elegant marquee, transform a skittle alley into a romantic venue - all possible with our draping packages.   If you have ever thought you would "just have a marquee in the garden" compare the cost against the convenience of a solid building with all the attendant facilities and with lovely draping from At Any Event.  By the time you add in electricity, bathrooms, catering, etc. you might change your mind.
Floor-to-ceiling drapes, all inherently flame-retardant, up to 4 metres high installed on a completely self-supporting pole, base and crossbar framework.
A no-obligation site visit is essential to provide a quote - we really don't mind doing this.




Chair Covers
We have white, ivory and black in tailored chair covers.  All UK-manufactured from superior twill-blend fabric - very nice.  They are styled with two pleats in the back and one in the front.  We have round top and straight top, we have small, large, extra large and extra extra large, even bespoke covers for folding chairs - we visit to try the cover on your chair and make sure we are offering a great fit.
The wonderful stretch cover does make life easier for achieving an excellent fit for the many and varied chairs out there, and people like the contemporary look.  Another great thing about this style is that it comes in lots of colours.  You can create fabulously dramatic impact with a bold colour choice.
Price includes delivery, set-up and a sash.  Tailored £3.50, Stretch £2.75  - top quality
What about sashes?  Over 80 different colours in stock in various fabrics - and we will do our best to hunt down a match if we do not already have one.

Fairy Lights, Bunting & Swags
Ceiling treatments really transform the look of a room and look great in areas 3.5 metres or more high.  A no-obligation site visit is essential - again, we really don't mind doing this.
Fairy lights - warm white and bright white strings
Swags - inherently flame retardant fabrics in most colours
Bunting, paper lanterns and tissue pompom balls, giant balloons - excellent ceiling decor and all these can readily be matched to a colour or theme

We have lots of centrepiece and components.
Prices range from £12.00 - which includes a mirror plate, delivery, and set-up.

Wedding Decor Accessories
Ooh we have so many good things that you can add to your decor package:
A veritable forest of bay trees and rose bushes; ivory aisle runner; top quality starlight backdrop (3 metres high x 9 metres wide - not a puny 6 metres!); matching top table and cake table skirts; floor standing bird cages; floor standing metal trees in brown and ivory; milk churns; post box..
Then there is top table swagging to match your sashes and table runners.  We even have floor-length round white table cloths.
I've forgotten half of it .........


Balloon Decor
Balloons are perfect for filling a big space and putting the fun into your function! From the classic 3-balloon table centrepiece to arches, walls and sculptures, we can do almost anything with balloons. We have a Certified Balloon Artist on staff with over 15 years experience.  Let us float your boats.

Props and Backdrops
James Bond cutouts and other "life-size" cardboard cutouts;  7ft Hollywood award statue
Vegas backdrop, Venice photo-backdrop; black starcloth
Gangster cars and gangsters
Inflatable beach bar, surf board and palm tree
Inflatable giant champagne bottles
Round table cloths, black slip cloths, red slip cloths, ivory slip cloths
There is bound to be more!